The Chronicle of Higher Education Publishes Article on Cornell, Workers’ Compensation

Photo from the Chronicle of Higher Education, by Rick Oliver

Photo from the Chronicle of Higher Education, by Rick Oliver

Published online this morning in The Chronicle of Higher Education (behind the paywall, free if you read it on campus) and in print last Friday, is Vimal Patel’s article “Graduate Students at Cornell U. Push for Right to Workers’ Compensation.”

Richard Pampuro sliced his forearm on a shard of broken glass at a Cornell University protein-engineering lab in August. The accident, which the Ph.D. student in chemical engineering says left him with several severed tendons and a destroyed ulnar artery, led graduate-student leaders to ask whether master’s and doctoral students who are injured while doing university-related work have a right to workers’ compensation.
The students think they should.
University administators think they don’t.
The Cornell students’ concerns touch on whether graduate students, who play a significant role at research universities in teaching undergraduates and conducting research in the labs of faculty members, and are paid for doing so, should be considered as students or employees.

Check out the whole article on the Chronicle. Included in it is some information about how we stand in relation to our peers on workers’ compensation packages, as well as statements from both graduate students and administrators on the matter.