Cornell Daily Sun: Richard Pampuro, Injured Grad, Calls for Graduate Student Self-Advocacy

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Richard Pampuro, the graduate student at the center of the worker’s compensation case at Cornell, published an important state in the Cornell Daily Sun on Wednesday. After detailing his experiences with the administration after his injury, and touching on the insufficiency of Cornell’s response, he concludes with this exhortation:

It would be unfair to say that no good has come from speaking with administrators. In a meeting with risk management, I discovered an important truth: If you are a student, you have no voice on campus when your interests are at odds with Cornell policy, and you must find your own advocates. It is a shame that the safety and well-being of thousands of students is at odds with Cornell policy.

Cornell graduate students must find their own advocates, namely, themselves. CGSU hopes to be one of these advocates. A graduate student union, we think, is indispensable for student voices on all issues of labor and work to be heard.