First General Assembly Meeting of Cornell Graduate Students United

Join us at the first GENERAL ASSEMBLY MEETING of the *brand spanking new*

Cornell Graduate Students United (CGSU)

WHEN: Monday, April 14th, 6 pm

WHERE: Ives 111 (ILR) 

WHO: All grad students are welcome

WHAT is the CGSU and WHY now?

Cornell Graduate Students United is a new labor organization for graduate students by graduate students.

CGSU hopes to provide a forum for students across department lines to share information and acquire a collective voice in negotiating conditions of work here.

Two recent cases have underlined the need for an organization for graduate students to have more of a voice on the issues that directly affect us.

(1) When a grad student was severely injured in his lab while doing research, Cornell refused to provide him worker’s compensation or to provide clear answers about the university’s obligations towards students when injured on the job.

(2) Cornell has also recently decided to introduce a pay hierarchy between RAs and TAs.

In both cases, graduate students were not consulted about these changes/policies which affect our well being.

We look forward to seeing you at the General Assembly on Monday. We invite you to join and offer your own thoughts about the issues you care about, and what you think the union can do to support graduate students here at Cornell.