Working Groups: Come Join Us!

Our first General Assembly meeting was a huge success, and turnout was great! If you are on our mailing list, you will have received updates about what our next steps are.

For those of you who have been recently added to our mailing list, or if you couldn’t make it to our first General Assembly, please consider signing up for one of the following “working groups” if you are interested. Just email us at

List of Working Groups to Join!

1. Organizing

2. Family Resources

3. International Students

4. Grievances / Advocacy

5. Transparency

6. Working Conditions Research Group

7. Outreach

8. Bylaws and Constitution

What are working groups?

Working groups are small groups of CGSU folks focusing their efforts on specific issues that concern us. It lets us tackle several issues or problems at once, whether logistical or substantive. Signing up for a working group is voluntary, but it’s a great way of participating and getting things rolling immediately. In fact, all of the working groups set up during our first General Assembly are already on the move, so let us know which one you want to join!

An Update: What’s going on now?

Since the first CGSU general assembly, folks have been discussing and/or meeting in their working groups on issues such as: drafting a set of bylaws and constitution for the union, identifying strategies for outreach, and organizing the next steps for CGSU. Substantive issue groups are also planning to meet, such as the working conditions group.

In addition, check out the website in the coming days for updates on what CGSU members are doing, and what other graduate students around the country are also organizing about.