Chronicle of Higher Education: “Graduate Students Seek to Build on Momentum for Unions”


Yesterday’s Chronicle of Higher Education published an article by Vimal Patel, “Graduate Students Seek to Build on Momentum for Unions,” where he discusses unionization efforts at NYU, Yale, Chicago, and–yes–Cornell.

Graduate students seeking to form unions at private colleges have gained new momentum from the recent success of their counterparts at New York University, which agreed to let the students vote on forming a collective-bargaining unit.

Spurred by the outcome of the NYU unionization effort, which resulted in a vote for a United Auto Workers affiliate on the campus, graduate students at Yale University are the latest to press for the right to form a bargaining unit. The Yale students say a union would ensure fair treatment of a class of employees with growing workloads who play an increasingly larger role in the university.

Elsewhere, graduate students at institutions including Cornell University and the University of Chicago have stepped up conversations about efforts to unionize.

At CGSU, we’re excited to be part of a broad, national movement at private universities pushing for unionization of graduate students. As our peers at Chicago, Yale, and NYU are insisting in their own ways–and as we’ve declared to Cornell–we graduate students have an educational and economic relationship to the university, and unionization is an important means to amplifying our voice as workers and employees.