CGSU May 2016 Election Results

Earlier this month, CGSU members practiced some democracy and elected the CGSU Steering Committee members for 2016-2017. Below are the result from these May 2016 elections for CGSU Steering Committee positions, as well as for the constitutional amendments that were voted on!

Administrative Liaison: 

  • Michaela Brangan (85%)
  • Paul Ahrens (13%)
  • Abstain (2%)

GPSA Liaison: 

  • Jack Frost (98%)
  • Abstain (2%)

Membership Coordinator: 

  • Archishman Raju (99%)
  • Abstain (1%)

Treasurers (2):

  • Ben Cohen (91%)
  • Jeffrey Bergfalk (49%)
  • Abstain (N/A)

Communication & Outreach Committee Chair:

  • Ben Norton (98%)
  • Abstain (2%)

Organizing Committee Chair:

  • Sena Aydin (71%)
  • Andi Kao (25%)
  • Abstain (4%)

Research & Contract Committee Chair:

  • Bryan Gangemi (99%)
  • Abstain (1%)

Secretary/Chair of Legal Affairs:

  • Hannah Bahnmiller (n/a)
  • Katryn Evinson (withdraw)

Grievances Committee Chair:

  • Maggie Gustafson (67%)
  • Marc Kohlbry (30%)
  • Abstain (3%)

Unity Committee Chair:

  • Juan Guevara (98%)
  • Abstain (2%)

Constitutional Amendments

CGSU is proposing a constitutional amendment to our union bylaws. This amendment was drafted in a CGSU member-led working group, and it concerns the process by which we, as a union, endorse a petition in the event that CGSU is approached by any party seeking an endorsement of a signed document. The details of this proposed process are described in the distributed Voter Guide. Upon your review, please vote YES/NO on the amendment. 

  • YES 93%
  • NO 4%
  • Abstain 3%

CGSU is proposing a second constitutional amendment to our union bylaws. At the October 2015 General Assembly, in light of our affiliation with the American Federation of Teachers, CGSU members voted to forestall collecting the $5 dues required by Article VI, Section D(1). Please vote YES or NO to ratify the following amendment to our constitution, so that it reads: 1) Dues shall be reduced to $0 until a collective bargaining agreement is reached between CGSU and Cornell University or the amount is changed by general referendum as per Article VI, Section D(2).

  • YES 98%
  • NO 2%
  • Abstain 0%