Join a standing committee

Standing committees are where union work gets done in between the general assemblies.  Any member can join any standing committee and they are the best way to get involved with the union! The following committees are part of our constitution (click here for more detailed descriptions).

Organizing : Charged with planning and executing our organizing strategy to build and invigorate our membership. Contact:

Communication & outreach : Works on communicating with members, potential members, and other allies and like minded groups on campus and beyond. In charge of website as well as party planning. Contact:

Research and contract : Conducts research, planning, and mapping exercises to guide the union’s strategic organizing and bargaining efforts. Oversees contract development and implementation. Contact:

Grievances : Functions as a forum for members and non-­members to report problems, grievances and issues the Union can work on, initiate an inquiry, or advocate. Contact:

Unity : Serves as a forum to discuss and resolve issues that affect those who are historically under-­represented or marginalized on college campuses, in union structures, and in the workplace generally. Contact:

Legal affairs : Responsible for maintaining the constitution and develop long term strategies for collective-bargaining. Contact: