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Statement Brief

CGSU Organizing Committee members worked together over a few weeks in May to create the statement below, which captures our sentiments of why we want a union.

For the next phase of our campaign, we are asking all CGSU members in all departments to read it and sign on in a public show of solidarity. Our many hundreds of names will be a testament to the breadth and strength of our union! Please fill in your name, field of study, and job title (TA, RA, GRA, GA).

Cornell Graduate Students United
Statement of Solidarity

We, the graduate workers of Cornell University, are organizing a union to participate as equal partners on the decisions that affect our working conditions.

Our work is integral and adds value to this institution. Cornell works because we do: as researchers, as teachers, and as mentors.

 We aim to achieve a legally binding contract and to advocate for improvements through member-driven collective action, so that now and in the future no graduate worker will have to face hardships in their workplace alone. We stand in solidarity with fellow workers, students, and the community to create a better Cornell. We are workers, and we choose CGSU.